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Hey everyone , 

I'm Karam , I'm 14 years who has been playing minecraft since i was 9 , I'm Premium and my IGN is _karamm.

Actually my IGN was Idarkxsx , but i have changed it to _karamm early , I have played much of servers and i guess i'm well experncied on Minecraft.

I have played with the owners on another cracked server for a average time i guess , we had fun and i personally hope we will have it again on this server.

I like playing Bedwars , Survival , Factions , Kitpvp most, Infact i love to have fun with others and have a great time.

I play Basketball in a proffesinal club , I'm also learning to play Guitar , In addition to that ; I'm a good singer i guess xD

You could find me in the discord server anytime if you needed any kind of help , I'll be able to get ingame after 26/6 due to my exams.

Discord: _karamm/Idarkxsx#0094

Have a great time and cya later !.


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