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6 months ago
hello please unban me. slimetorch banned me cuz there was a bot attack and it was probably a accident


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You got unbanned 2 days ago. and that ban was because of you and deformative active unprofessional.

5 months ago

Hola, como estas tu hablas espanol eh? musto gusto

5 months ago

Welcome to apex :)

Btw he's a really good singer lmao.

6 months ago


Death threats

You can't threaten other players to kill them even if it's a joke.


First Offense ➟ 1 Day Ban

Second Offense ➟ 3 Days Ban

Third offense ➟ Permanent Ban



6 months ago


Farming money/xp

Getting on alternative accounts to farm either XP or money is prohibited


First Offense ➟ Warning

Second Offense ➟ 1 Day Ban

Third Offense ➟ 3 Days Ban

Fourth Offense ➟ Permanent Ban


6 months ago