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Introduction! 8 months ago

Hello everyone :)). As some of you may recognize me, I'm merc Also known as Curry ._.
I'm a freelance artist with a vast portfolio. I am 15 years old going to be 16 in July.. I live in Rabat, The capital city of Morocco. I adore swimming and playing video games, I Also like eating various kinds of food. Other than that ; I speak 4 languages which are English , French , Arabic and Spanish.
Looking forward to meet some members in the ApexPvP community :))

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My intrudiction ! 8 months ago

Hey everyone , 

I'm Karam , I'm 14 years who has been playing minecraft since i was 9 , I'm Premium and my IGN is _karamm.

Actually my IGN was Idarkxsx , but i have changed it to _karamm early , I have played much of servers and i guess i'm well experncied on Minecraft.

I have played with the owners on another cracked server for a average time i guess , we had fun and i personally hope we will have it again on this server.

I like playing Bedwars , Survival , Factions , Kitpvp most, Infact i love to have fun with others and have a great time.

I play Basketball in a proffesinal club , I'm also learning to play Guitar , In addition to that ; I'm a good singer i guess ...

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Official server rules 8 months ago

SurgePvP Rules


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                                                  ᴋɪᴛᴘᴠᴘ ʀᴇꜱᴇᴛ


So we recently reseted the server with a new spawn and new features.
First of all I would thank you all for supporting me and being patient.
Lets hop into the updates

We have made a new spawn and its now our current spawn and its built by ByTheTerra
Here are some pictures of the spawn


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Server reset! 8 months ago


We the staff team decided to reset the server with a new spawn, New commands ect.
The reset is expected to take 1 week or less You have a chance to drop a suggestion down below and we might consider adding it!

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